​Congratulations To Courtney Thomas the very first recipient of the Traveling Taco Trophy!  Courtney won the first company wide competition for completing the best quality food in the shortest amount of time. The trophy now resides in our Orangeburg 1 store where Courtney is one of our valuable team members.

Congratulations Team Beaufort for winning round two of the Traveling Taco Trophy competition.  Gary did mystery shops and Team Beaufort came out on top with the highest letter grade, with speed and product quality being the tie breakers.  Managers Kalchuet Williams and Ezra Jenkins accept the $150 and coveted Traveling Taco Trophy from owner Gary Feathers.

Nina Karalic of Team Santee is the most recent recipient of the Feather In Your Cap Award for her excellent customer service. When presented, the customers in the dining room all gave her a round of applause.  Congratulations on your success!

Owner Gary Feathers presented Team Chapinwith Outstanding Teammate Awards for their customer service during lunch rush.

Congratulations on a job well done!


Food Champion Courtney Thomas of Orangeburg 1 with the Traveling Taco Trophy.

Area Coach Ginny Darby, and owner Gary Feathers present Courtney Thomas with $150 and the Traveling Taco Trophy for becoming our first Food Champion.

Owner Gary Feathers presents the first Feather In Your Cap Award to Kentregina Allen for her dedication to customer service.  Congratulations on your success!

A Taco Bell Franchisee